What is a Business Center and what is the interest of setting up your business there? Find in this article all the advantages of Business Centers. A multitude of options are available to you when looking for where to host your company, whether it is at the launch of your project, after its creation or even… Read More »

What is a business analyst?

How to reduce losses through effective solutions? Select the right technological tools for your business? Make a failing department profitable? Attract good talent and increase productivity? These issues are all dealt with by business analysts, professionals little-known in SMEs. By reading this article you will find out what a business analyst is and how they can help you as entrepreneurs.… Read More »


Since the start of the crisis, my city and my neighborhood have been vibrating very differently. A complete void has settled there, furnished with a noisy silence that makes us understand that this war will be won thanks to our capacity for inaction. Quite a challenge for a proactive, even hyperactive civilization, which has always controlled its… Read More »


What makes a business model different from a business plan? Any entrepreneur who embarks on writing a business plan will eventually want to make this distinction. Contrary to what has been said on the subject, a business model does not replace a business plan and vice versa. They are both complementary and necessary when starting a business.… Read More »

What is a business district?

According to INSEE, the business district is defined by an integrated set of built elements, collective spaces and infrastructures brought together within the same territory, which contribute to its unity and to the conditions of its resilience and of its user-friendliness. It includes buildings for various uses, most of which are office buildings, with significant inflows… Read More »

What is a sustainable business model? The new challenge of CSR

According to Pierre Yves Sanchis, CSR, which has been established in the economic landscape for twenty years, is today challenged on its ability to change the business model of companies. It is too often seen as peripheral to strategic decisions. CSR strategies are too often juxtaposed with business strategies. How can CSR reinvent itself, at a time when… Read More »

a business club, is it really useful?

Is it appropriate to join a business club? This is a question that many entrepreneurs ask themselves. As the boss of a very small enterprise, will you have the time and is it really useful? It depends on the case, but in the vast majority the answer is yes! Joining such a club provides many advantages that will indirectly… Read More »

Business intelligence strategy

Business intelligence strategy The master’s degree in administration, business intelligence strategy concentration is offered full-time at the Sherbrooke main campus. Two pathways are offered: the course-type pathway and the research-type pathway. Become the reference that makes the difference If you want to act on the front line and support strategists in their decision-making, the master’s degree… Read More »