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There are a lot of reusable menstrual products. Very simple pad, in terms of colors and fabrics and absorbency. But for women who don’t like the diaper-y feel, there are options to go. The most common is the cup, usually the Divakap or Luna cup, which is a silicone vessel that surrounds the uterus and collects menstrual blood. There is sea sponge, which works like a tampon, but is a natural sponge. Menstrual underwear has recently become popular: blood-sucking underwear. Personally, I am a long time bankrupt user. I was a little out of my organ when I tried the less discussed menstrual option: I tried reusable tampons during my period.


wanted to try using one of the first menstrual solutions beyond the pad. According to the history of natural menstrual products, “sponges and cotton wool were used as tampons in Europe in the 17th century.” They claim that tampons have been used for thousands of years, from the ancient Egyptians to the Romans.

Reusable tampons are usually purchased at a large, affordable price on ETC. What I saw came in thread and flannel. Fabrics with string attached to both, you can somehow roll or fold, which is like an OB tampon. The flannel will roll in one direction and come in different absorptions depending on your flow. Thread tampons also come in a variety of suction, but fold and roll user.

Of course, I got my period on vacation.


I wanted to spend an entire menstrual cycle – no cheating – I only use reusable tampons. I tried reusable pads and cups, I tried reusable tampons as the last limit of menstrual production. I wanted to find out how they felt if they felt right about me, and how they were because there was not a lot of information about them online.

Day 1: Hotel

Is that so Yes, yes. Crop. That was her intention when it came to every woman’s time, and it was definitely with me. I brought these tampons only as a precaution; I haven’t arrived in 10 days yet. But God and my amazing cycle together condemned me to a terrible holiday season. A beach house. With my mother-in-law. It will be interesting.

I found and inspected the tampon. Thread with many long rows in many colors, change it beautifully, and attached to the end of a long string. The whole thing is about 2 to 6 inches. These are, in fact, very easy to sew. I had extreme strengths because I have intense strength periods. So I sat in the toilet and tried some folds. Finally, I rolled to the long side and the string hung.

My mother-in-law would miss it if she knew I was washing my term blood in her sink.

I stretched my legs for insertion. And ow! Ordinary tampons absorb moisture. However, this thing felt like a sponge to the vaginal fluid. I finally lifted it right there, using two fingers to insert and my thumb up into my cervix. Once, I could not feel it. I had no idea how this thing would work, so I put on a light day pad.

It lasted about 9: 30-3: 30 on a light day. Overall, it’s not terrible.

Night 1: Blood tail

We arrived at the Beach House and I had to wash the tampons. The seller has included helpful instructions: you can soak them in vinegar and then wash them in a machine, but that seemed like a terrible idea to me because the strings would get tangled. So I was washing them with soap in the sink. I couldn’t think of how I could touch my own menstrual blood. It doesn’t bother me, but it will bother practically everyone on the planet. I locked the door and had to wait until no one had a chance to use the bathroom downstairs. My usual routine is to rinse, rinse, rinse the blood, soap, wipe, rinse, rinse, rinse until the water runs clean. Then I had to sit on something to dry it, That means I have to sneak them back into my bedroom. My mother-in-law would miss it if she knew I was washing my term blood in her pool of annoyance.

But enough, I met both of them in two hours.

I knew I was going to have a heavy night, so I stacked two tampons: basically, I rolled them together, which was safe. Luckily I used a pad too because I filled it at midnight. So I had to remove two tampons, insert two tampons, this time rolled up and inserted separately (ow! They were so dry!) ​​And had to wash the others at midnight. If I were at home, it would be easier if I soaked in vinegar until morning. Midnight tampon wash sucks. I bled in the morning and both of those. According to the record, this is not an opinion about the ability of tampons to soak blood, because it is an opinion on how much blood is shed on the first night of my period.

Day 2: Heavy day

The tampons I washed had dried by 9am the next morning, which was nice because I had a limited supply and I was afraid I would run out. I put on two more and wore a pad. I have now found that the best way to use two of them is to roll and insert both separately. I still managed to get them inside, so I didn’t feel them, against my womb. But enough, I met both of them in two hours.

With two tampons, you do a lot of laundry, which is a big pain in the ass. It hurt to put both of them inside because I was dry, dry, dry there. Each tampon came out soaked – not only in the blood, but also in the vaginal fluid. I wore a pad and wore one until the heavier part of my period subsided.

Truth be told, I don’t see myself washing my diva cup now.

2pm to 3pm: Flow slows, thanks Jesus


put on two more tampons before putting the kids to bed, but still wore a pad. Finally, I did not bleed! I felt like I was doing a dance. But waking up to wash reusable tampons in the morning, as relaxed as I was, was still a pain. Not only do you have to go through its full regression, I felt the need to hide it from everyone, because, you wash, tampons and blood. Most people don’t handle it well, my mother-in-law is a germophobic. Having to hide my products and solutions from everyone was annoying, it was somehow embarrassing or disgusting. Because my sister-in-law once bit me for using the word “placenta”, I felt like I couldn’t talk about this. I hated this. I think menstruation is natural and normal and there is no reason why you should not discuss it. Maybe not with my 65 year old mother-in-law, but no one should hate to see it. But if you already live in a beach house with many people, you have to offer offers.

I was worried that people would knock on the bathroom door and I had to explain why I take longer to wash my hands than my three children.

My husband, however, had a lot to say about it. “If it was a girl, everyone would hate it. Little girls would cry every month when you tell them to move the kosi to hoo-hoo.” He only mentions tampons, and I laughed – because he’s right.

The third day I was left with a double in without the pad – I was confident! I was also going to the beach and didn’t want to display the pads under my bikini bottoms. Thankfully, I kept it all day without any leaks. As usual the wash was a pain in the ass and I was still living in horror that my mother-in-law would knock on the bathroom door.

3pm to 3pm: Being more confident


used a single tampon most days until it became clear that my period had officially left the building. Although not next to the bloodstream, the small tampon-bullet was so heavy with vaginal fluid that it almost fell out. I washed that last tampon, left it to dry, and took everything out. Thanks to little baby Jesus we are done with this. Although I now believe they catch all the blood, I hate how dry they felt to me.


Despite the fire, I like to use these on light days because they are easy to get inside and out and do not take much time to wash one of them. You can feel like a super-high hippie earth mama when you use crochet-thread tampons. But to be honest, I would not recommend this to anyone with high flow, I would not use them on heavy days – they are not absorbed enough, even ultras. The experience will probably be different if you shell out for some nice, very expensive flannel tampons, but you may not have an applicant yet and I worry they may make you feel even drier.

I felt very comfortable with menstrual blood after this test and it definitely says something because I thought I was comfortable before. There is nothing like rubbing from a cotton thread to fade any sense of hatred. I was also very angry with people who were not comfortable with the times. A woman’s period is not shameful and should not be considered so. I do not have to hide this experiment from my family for peace, love and understanding. Because, in the end, reusable tampons are what they are: saving the environment.

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