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If milk is the most important thing to my daughter, a big plus size nursing bra is like a mother breastfeeding me. During my pregnancy, I often wore some comfortable sports bras, but in preparation for breastfeeding, I bought two cheap nursing bras a few weeks ago. Given my full bust, buying a bra has always been a challenge, but surprisingly I found it fit and I thought I was set.

A few months into my new breastfeeding life, however, I realized I needed a nursing bra with more support. I was annoyed at the bras I bought during my pregnancy and tired of their clarity, but all the consumption schedules that came with brand new motherhood and fatigue were less concerned about my need for nursing essentials. Eventually two nursing bras of my size began to show off their clothes, and I could not deny the need for some new “gears,” especially when looking at me in a particular photo. When I saw how bad my breasts looked, the search for superior support and function continued.



I found five different bras that seem to meet my needs. I bought one myself. For the other four, I reached out to the brands that make them in the hopes of reviewing their products. I looked for companies with plus-size breasts for women like me, especially when I asked for suggestions on what styles would offer the three things I was looking for:

  1. Coverage
  2. Comfort
  3. Support

My pussy is definitely bigger than average straight cup sizes, but really is at the small end of the actual plus-size range. So I know if a brand has nothing to do with me they will definitely be nothing for women with bigger breasts than mine.

The complicated thing about the plus-size market is that often a brand can be advertised to have different sizes, but their styles and stocks are inevitably and unfortunately limited. This is a huge disappointment for a buyer like me. Another problem? Brands often misunderstand what plus size really is. One of the companies I went to provide me with links for plus size considering styles, but they were actually “full coverage” bras because when I gave them my size – 42 dtd, according to their measurement chart – I got an answer because they apologized Nursing bras do not carry my size.

However, I was able to successfully try the other five plus-size nursing bras, and here are my thoughts after wearing each for at least five days. My photo is on the same surface with each bra, so you can see the shape each one gave me.

Pro # 1: Maternity Maternity Plus Size Unrestricted Clip Down Nursing Pro


Plus Size Unrestricted Clip Down Nursing Bra, $ 27, Maternity

During the 10th week of my pregnancy, I thought it would be wise to pick up a comfortable maternity bra that would adjust my growing breasts. I firmly believe that a lot of newly pregnant women will go for maternity wear: maternity maternity at my local shopping mall. Initially I did not know of any other brand that could get a maternity / nursing bra. I was able to buy their plus size seamless clip down at 1X. It was recommended to me by the sales representative as their best seller for comfort.

Eventually, I will use this bra as one to wear around the house. In terms of size, I don’t like the fact that there are only three options (1X, 2X, and 3X), only three sizes are going to work for all plus size women. I’m not a fan of how far the bra stretches on my abdomen, and I found the padding to provide support that does not fit the actual size of my breasts, so I ended up taking it out.

For me, this bra works best as a back-up nursing bra that I would wear if all my others got stuck in the laundry.

Pro # 2: The You Too Pro

YooToo Bra, $ 50, Love Yoo Too

This new company surprised me with the simplicity of their product. They only have one style, but they have the time and effort to fix it. This bra is incredibly comfortable, but not largely supported. This is the first nursing bra, I felt beautiful and feminine, so I am very happy with its design. They group sizes into only four options: XL through S, and four additional sizes XL + through S +. I needed an L +, so there is only one more size for women older than me, which unfortunately marginalizes the majority of plus-size women.

However, I was so impressed with their customer service and willingness to work with me to get the perfect fit that at first I thought it would fit a little. The product is high quality and affordable.

Pro # 3: Cake Maternity Lavender Sorbet Plus Size Nursing Pro

Lavender Sorbet Plus Size Nursing Bra, $ 80, Cake Maternity

This particular style cake is Maternity Premier Plus Size Nursing Pro. I ended up with 40f according to their size chart, seven more cup sizes are available from there. In terms of coverage, comfort and support, this bra will take the cake completely (pun very purposeful). It was really refreshing to find a brand that saw no options for plus size busts. I really liked the focus on detail in the making of the bra, which is definitely a different story based on my belief in wearing such a quality bra.

When I first wore the bra, I noticed that the shape of my breasts was slightly pointed out more than I wanted, but after a few clothes and a wash, the bra evolved into my natural shape. As for the functionality while actually nursing this bra, the only downside is that I find myself being pulled a little too much for nursing on the bar that pulls it back up once I’ve finished the little fort. Otherwise, this is probably my favorite and has become my pet nursing bra.

Pro # 4: Bella Materna’s beautiful yet sexy t-shirt nursing bra

Glamorous T-shirt Nursing Bra, $ 64, Bella Materna

After discussing the styles with the sales representative, I was nervous to try a nursing bra with an underwear that he initially suggested to me. Everything I had read before about breastfeeding advised me to stay away from wire bras for comfort. But when he said, “I have personally seen hundreds of women jumping for joy in this bra, ‘at last a bra like mys, I now feel’ normal ‘,” I could not help trying this.

And honestly? I never felt sexy in a nursing bra. This gave me so much support that when I looked in the mirror, my pussy was more amazing than it had been before the baby. Truth be told, this bra beats any other bras I could fit a few years ago. I only get 38F in this bra, and only one cup size, so they unfortunately don’t deliver much larger breasts than mine yet.

When I first wore this bra, I was no longer used to wearing a wire bra and I was dying to take it off at the end of the day. That day I was able to take a nap. But after wearing it a few more times, I made full use of it, a full day of which was not a problem. I thought the paddle support of the cup would make the actual process of nursing difficult, but the cup folds easily, and it reshapes and supports after I breastfeed. This bra comes with rings to replace nursing nipples, you can turn it into a regular bra after breastfeeding, so you will get more for your rupee.

Pro # 5: Bella Materna’s Anytime Nursing Pro

Anytime Nursing Bra, $ 48, Bella Materna

After trying two styles from this independent brand, they should be more familiar than they are because they compete exceptionally well with every plus size nursing bra I have tried. I found this brand to be very intuitive, and their unique features are a definite sell-out for the breastfeeding mom: a small tip found in the Nursing Bra’s package at any time, suggests you fold the pads in half when you pull it out and the nurse to easily fix it after you finish.

Not the usual nursing bra at any time because there is no snap to pull down. The design is almost like a shortcut to the front, so you can pull your breast out and move the bra to the side while feeding. At first I didn’t know I liked it, but it didn’t prove to be a problem. Like the UTU Pro, this bra measures S to XXL with additional sizes in “full file” from S to XXL. Full file sizes have padding to provide more support. I ended up with the XL Full Cup. Again, unfortunately there is not much space for them as they are only one size larger than me, but the padding in this bra is the best I have ever seen in bras like this (Maternity Maternity Unrestricted Clip Down and Yudo Bra).

Did I find a nursing pigeon I worked for?

After this test, it will be a little easier to find a better fitting bra as a full breast breastfeeding woman. I was able to find nursing bras that came in larger sizes than normal bras, but this tutorial plus size made me more aware of the lack of options for nursing women.

On the other hand, I tried five different bras that offer features that I definitely would not get from my other bras, which when it comes to a nursing brow helped me to see if I could take the cheap option in the name of convenience or selflessness (because it is easier for me to think that the baby deserves all the good things instead). Will not help in the long run. From simply trying on these bras and seeing the difference in my comfort and support, I learned that my baby deserves to be a mom who is comfortable and confident in the role of giving her the most important livelihood. That’s what I plan to give her – me too.


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