I tried to pull off coconut oil for a week & this is what happened – Fashion-Beauty – 2020

Ah, oil pulling. I’ve heard it mentioned for years, but I didn’t know exactly what was involved until the trend increased across my social media feeds. Oil extraction is basically circulating the oil in your mouth for about 20 minutes. Jessica D. Emery, TMT and Sugar Fix Dental Loft owner told WebMD that the super popular trend is “roughly a tablespoon of oil – usually coconut, sesame, or sunflower oil – rubbed into your mouth for about 20 minutes, and then spit it out.” I already have a coconut oil I was a devotee, for dry skin, I used to fry vegetables and mix it with essential oils, but I never tried to pull the oil with coconut oil.

The added benefits of oil extraction include whiter teeth, increased energy, clearer skin and overall oral health. Oil pulling helps reduce headaches, reduce hormonal changes and flush out toxins in your body. Before you eat or drink anything, do it first in the morning. I’ll be honest: the oil swaying in my mouth was so daring. But I find that coconut oil does not hit, I have been interested for a long time, so I found out why not? Went for it.


With the knowledge that over a period of seven days I would voluntarily swing coconut oil in my mouth, I undertook my experiment. I wanted to try to pull the oil for 20 minutes a day for a week, mainly to see if all the fuss was true. Did it work? Can you see the changes after seven days? (Or will I see them soon?) Not a single headache weakens (although I often get headaches) or severe joint pain, but I was interested in the overall benefits: clearer skin, healthier body and improved oral health. I planned to focus on my breathing, my teeth, my headaches (which I get with an annoying frequency) and my overall health feelings. I was skeptical, but ready.

This is what happened:

The first day

On that first day I had to set a special alarm, one of which was: “Hey, dummy, don’t brush your teeth or eat anything else because you have to pour a little oil!” But I did not. So I woke up. My mouth was its usual cotton from the dry winter air, so I stumbled into the toothbrush sink.

I’m going to come clean about something here: sometimes I’m going to sleep without brushing. I know. It is gross and very bad for my teeth. But it started to happen as a result of having children and accidentally sleeping with them almost every night.

Anyway, one day I was brushing my teeth and trying to get my kindergarten on the bus. It was only when I started snacking on his discarded waffle that I remembered not to eat or brush before rubbing the oil in my mouth. I was super thirsty too, so I was cursing myself for not getting it yet, because now I have to wait half an hour for the waffle to digest a little before trying to pull the oil. Time.

You should pull oil on an empty stomach because, according to Mama Natural, doing so helps activate enzymes and helps pull toxins, fungi and bacteria out of your body before you start putting anything on. The first day, I had a bad start. After waiting a decent amount of time to digest my breakfast, I pulled out my measuring spoons and realized, oh my God, a tablespoon is too big. Putting so much oil in the mouth seemed like such a bad idea. I immediately worried “What if I swallow it !?” Then felt, so what if I swallowed it? This is just coconut oil.

The coconut oil was solid from the cold, but I thought it would melt quickly in my mouth. Spoiler warning? not like that. I basically hit the oil on the cheek, five minutes before it could change, it still had solid bits. Bleach.

Oddly enough, when I started swinging, I started to feel a little thirsty. Maybe it was because I was so bent over and the swinging all made me produce a lot of saliva.

After 15 minutes (whatever it was, I was close enough) I spit the oil into a paper towel (you should not spit it in the sink as it may wipe your tubes). I was impressed with the bulk of the stuff like the hole strips, so I read the oil and hope it was totally bulky, but mostly it was the lungs.

Despite the upside, my mouth felt very clean. I could see the appeal.

The second day

The second day I remembered to pull out the oil in the morning, so I tortured myself into not brushing, eating or drinking while my son was getting ready for school. Yes, I can get up earlier and do this, but I do not want to get out of bed. It’s so cold.

I put on a TV show for my daughter so the 20 minutes I needed to pull the oil she wouldn’t try to talk to me and it didn’t work out. At first I also had the genius idea of ​​heating oil. I put it in a glass and microwaved for about 30 seconds, which took a large volume of coconut to turn into liquid.

My daughter didn’t watch her show as much as she did watching me. Somehow she hadn’t noticed me doing this the day before, but today she was so excited. She thought it was fun, so she grabbed a small piece from the edge of the jar and inserted it into her mouth, looking at me with these wide, troubled eyes and spitting it out. I don’t think she will try it again in any time. Maybe she needs it but it’s hot for her?

She realized I was photographing me and absolutely wanted to join.

After the second day of pulling, my mouth was very fine – especially after the full 20 minutes. I ran upstairs to brush my teeth and they felt as intense as if they were tooth-level clean. Maybe it’s just some oil softening them, but maybe not because I believe I probably brushed the oil off. I was determined to keep going.

The third day

The second day was basically back on the third day. There was so much swinging. Then O-Ing and A-Ing on how big my teeth felt.

I was shocked that for three days on this experiment I was very good about my oral hygiene. I felt like I was smiling broadly and had more confidence in my appearance. I didn’t know my breathing or worry that severe toxins were taking root in my mouth.

The fourth day

decided it was time to change that. I use coconut oil which I can get at my regular grocery store, but as an option, I got expensive products. It was said to be unrefined and pure and virgin. Well, the other two would not have been refined otherwise, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I opened the jar, OMG, the smell was amazing. Amazing pour-me-a-pina-golada-and-stick-me on a beach. The taste was definitely nutritious, where I did not notice a taste in the most refined version. I was very comfortable with the process. So I was happily wrapping it around my mouth while I stuck my tongue to the roof of my mouth so I wouldn’t accidentally swallow it. It had already refreshed my teeth and I wanted to let its magic work on my tongue.

Fifth day

During my swing session on the fifth day nothing really new or significant happened, except I had an expression: I have not had a single headache since I started pulling the oil. It could be good luck or I ate enough protein or drank enough water. But the most notable bit is that I was in my period during this period. I will never escape the first few days of my period without a killer single headache.

On the sixth day I swiped again and told my friends about it. I thought it was time to spread the word in my inner circle as the test was going well and I was fully enjoying the benefits of the amazing, delicious fragrant coconut.

Despite my wide (bright and shiny) smile and my persuasion that I thought it really worked, my friends and mom thought I was nuts. Often they replied:

Do you use oil as a mouthwash? Oil? For 20 minutes !?

I mean, I think I was very skeptical at first. And, yes, it looks different. But I swear it’s not total! This is totally the opposite! My teeth never felt better! I was stunned that my friends were not on board, but I hoped they would eventually change their rhythms.

Seven days


reached the result of my experiment. It was the last day to get rid of my toxins via coconut oil (if I didn’t want to continue.) And the tragedy occurred, I dropped the beautiful glass jar of virgin coconut oil and broke it. I murmured beautifully, especially when your 2 year old is barefoot and cleaning the glass is not so much fun.

I still had less fun oil for my fun jar, so I had to do it. As a side bonus, I’m going to be on TV that day. (I know. VIP here) I wanted my teeth to be bright and shiny. I hoped my smile was good. In fact, I have never in my life been thankful for a mouthful of oil before. The oil pull test throughout the week worked for me, and I walked on stage with more confidence in my smile than I had before.

Getting ready, choosing a dress, and even trying all the centers trying to eat something that made me sick, I was able to fit in my oil pull. Except for the first day, it wasn’t that hard to incorporate into my routine. After all, I can do anything less than talk and eat when I pull (these are two of my favorite things).

I think I should mention one aspect of oil pulling, because it got me out in the first place because everything I read stressed that you should not swallow oil. (Also, trust me, I didn’t go.) Because it would be full of bulk materials and toxins. But I was surprised because, apart from being intensely attached to my saliva, the oil did not look or taste the same when I finished.


Well, I admit it was pretty sold out. My teeth never felt good. I avoided the terrible term single headache. (It did not cure the seizure. Courage.) Also, I had morning sickness. It’s so big because morning breathing is the worst part of the morning. (Except when getting up and getting out of bed.) I honestly try to do this on my kids because ‘man, they have some intense morning breathing, guys.


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