a business club, is it really useful?

Is it appropriate to join a business club? This is a question that many entrepreneurs ask themselves. As the boss of a very small enterprise, will you have the time and is it really useful? It depends on the case, but in the vast majority the answer is yes! Joining such a club provides many advantages that will indirectly affect your business.

According to an Opinion Way survey, 25% of an SME’s turnover comes directly from the network of its leader. This percentage is even higher in the case of a self-employed person.

It is thus estimated that each active person rubs shoulders professionally and depending on the sector, between 70 and 350 other people. This is the first reason for joining an entrepreneurs club: to build – or expand – a network. These clubs bring together business leaders from all sectors. Being part of it allows you to generate contacts for your business. It also teaches you how to value yourself to your peers. And the experience gained will serve you later with your customers. In addition, in these informal places, it is useful to find out how your business is viewed and see what needs improvement.

sharing of experiences

Whichever club you choose, it will put you in the presence of entrepreneurs who, like you, face the same problems or concerns even if they are not from the same industry. Attending them as part of a club will allow you to share your experiences and benefit from the solutions put in place. But also to learn from each other’s failures. The testimonials received from entrepreneurs also show that, quickly, real friendships are formed. This results in conversations or exchanges that often go beyond the professional framework, but just as important. Like on work-life balance, for example, or on how to manage your time.

which club to choose?

As your time is limited, it is important to join a club that matches your expectations and needs. Before registering, take as much information as possible and, why not, contact a member you know to ask for details. Belgium is full of entrepreneurial clubs, from the most select ones like the Cercle de Lorraine to provincial clubs. Being part of one or the other does not of course generate the same benefits. Some work by co-option, others ask you to submit a complete file, give you an interview. Finally, for some, the payment of a contribution is enough. Keep in mind that if you decide to join a club, it requires a minimum of preparation. This is a great opportunity to polish your ideas and refine your own marketing. It’s a great opportunity to put your thoughts in order and refine your own personal marketing. It is well known that you only have one chance to make a first impression.