Business intelligence strategy

Business intelligence strategy

The master’s degree in administration, business intelligence strategy concentration is offered full-time at the Sherbrooke main campus. Two pathways are offered: the course-type pathway and the research-type pathway.

Become the reference that makes the difference

If you want to act on the front line and support strategists in their decision-making, the master’s degree in business intelligence strategy is a good choice!

Very closely linked to practice, this innovative concentration of the master’s degree in administration stands out by allowing statistical analysis to be associated with the strategic approach. It allows students to grasp  the technological and strategic issues of the implementation of business intelligence in organizations.

What is business intelligence?

Business intelligence, also known as Business Intelligence or BI , aims to improve the strategic decision-making of managers by allowing them to more effectively exploit various data sources to obtain a better knowledge of their organization and their competitive environment. To do this, this emerging science relies on strategic analysis, information technology, statistics, data warehouses and drilling to access external and internal sources of data, then analyze them in a way that produce information to guide strategic decision-making.

Who is this program for?

Holders of an undergraduate degree in business administration or equivalent.

Business intelligence strategy students have a wide variety of training paths, whether in marketing, finance, human resources, business technology management or others!

Training courses

Course path

What is the current path?

The course path includes an intervention of at least 6 weeks in a company. It is aimed at students seeking a second specialty after undergraduate studies in administration, regardless of the option. It will allow the student to acquire more specific knowledge, to learn to analyze specific situations and to develop the skills necessary for an appropriate intervention.


Note: This schedule is subject to change without notice.

Research path

What is the path looking for?

The research path is more conducive to researcher training. It is aimed at students who show an interest in scientific knowledge in business intelligence or information systems and who wants to develop a particular aptitude for doing research at a high level of complexity. This path leads naturally – but not exclusively – to a career as a researcher and professor in information systems. It can also be seen as a preparation for doctoral studies.