How to start the business of making incense sticks (machine price, material, cost, formula, raw material rate, training center) How to start Agarbatti manufacturing business process




Incense sticks are used in religious and social works. Agarbattis are used by all communities in India. Apart from this, people from Sri Lanka, Varma and Indian community living abroad also use it. Its demand remains in the market throughout the year and during the festivals, the increase in its demands is also considerable. The business of making incense sticks can be done both in small or big forms. It is full of insecticidal and antiseptic properties along with spreading aroma in homes.

How to start agarbatti manufacturing business

This business is a risk free business as it can be started with less investment in this business. Before starting any business, some plan should be implemented first which is as follows: –

  • First determine the cost, then prepare a list of plans, according to your budget.
  • Find out about the potential market, so that you can plan in advance about the obstacles in the business.
    Determine the location of the business, and try to complete it by setting the time for executing the business.
  • Plan the work in advance to buy the material for the business, how to pack all its things.

Place to take raw materials for incense sticks business (From where you bought raw material for Agrabatti manufacturing business)

Raw materials of incense sticks are easily available anywhere in India, such as

  • In Kolkata, many companies called Krishna Group, Durga Engineering, Loknath Agarbatti etc. provide these materials.
  • There are many companies in Ahmedabad like MK Panchal Industries, Amul Agarbatti Works and Shanti Enterprise which provide these materials in each city.

Location to start a business of Agarbatti (Agarbatti manufacturing)

If you are thinking of starting this business in a small way, then you can start it from home as well, but if you are thinking of doing it in a big way, then you need to start your business by about 1000 square feet. Will need a place of

Time to make Agarbatti

The time of manufacture of agarbatti can be different according to the machine used by you, like if you are using an automatic machine, then you can make 150 to 200 incense sticks in 1 minute. If you are building or getting it done by hand, then the time it takes depends on your or the employee’s ability to work.

Total cost of starting a Agarbatti manufacturing business

You can start this business by building it manually with a cost of Rs 13,000, but if you are thinking of starting the business of incense sticks with a machine, then it costs up to about Rs 5 lakh to start it. May take. The price of its manual machine is up to Rs 14,000, the price of a semi-automatic machine is up to 90 thousand rupees. The price of a high speed machine is up to about 1.15 lakh rupees.

Raw material for Agarbatti manufacturing business

The raw materials used for making incense sticks are mentioned below and its market value, which can be increased by increasing or decreasing its quantity as per the requirement:

Raw material quantity price
Charcoal dust 1 kg gram 13 rupees
Jigat powder 1 kg gram 60 rupees
White chips powder 1 kg gram 22 rupees
Sandalwood powder 1 kg gram 35 rupees
Bamboo Stick 1 Kg Gram Rs 116
Perfume 1 piece Rs 400
DEP 1 liter Rs 135
Paper box 1 dozen 75 rupees
Wrapping paper 1 packet Rs 35
Kuppam dust 1 kg gram 85 rupees

Agarbatti manufacturing process

Generally two types of incense sticks are produced commercially, one in the form of spice incense sticks and the other in the form of aromatic incense sticks. To make this, agarbatti premix powder which is a mixture of charcoal powder, wood powder and jigat powder. Take it in a quantity of 2 kg. Then mix 1 to 1 and a half liters of water in it and knead it in a tight form. You can easily get up to 2 kg of incense sticks from this raw material. Then it is pasted on a thin bamboo stick or stick and it is rolled by hand. After that, after dipping it in fragrant oil and drying it, packing is done.

Process of making aromatic agarbatti

If you want to make aromatic incense sticks, then after drying, the incense sticks are immersed in a special aromatic material. For this, the diethyl phthalate available in the market is abbreviated as DEP and the fragrant perfume is mixed in a ratio of 4: 1 i.e. 4 liters of DEP with 1 liter of perfume and immersed in agarbats and then dried and packed.

Precautions to make incense sticks (Precautions to make Agarbatti)

Agarbatti should never be dried in the sun, always dry it under shade or through a drying machine. Keep it aside to dry. If you do not do this, then it is possible to stick to them due to being wet.

Agarbatti manufacturing business registration

Before starting this business on a large scale, you should take some necessary documentary actions which include: –

First of all, according to the size of the company, you should register your business in the ROC, by doing this, the investors will trust your company and you will get the benefit in the paperwork.
Apply to the local authority for your business license.
Get business PAN card from there.
Open a current bank account.
You should register your business in SSI unit.
After this, apply for VAT registration, as well as register the trade mark, so that the brand name of your company is protected.
If you are going to start your business on a large scale, obtain a NOC from the Pollution Control Board for your manufacturing unit, and get a factory license.
Selection of machines for making incense sticks (Agarbatti manufacturing machine)

It is very important to choose machines according to whatever form you are thinking of starting a business, big or small. Generally, there are three types of incense stick making machine which are as following – manual, automatic and high speed automatic machine. In addition to this, machines for drying raw materials, for mixing raw materials can also be used separately. Each machine has its own specialty

Manual machine: Manual machine is very easy to operate, it is both double and single paddle. Its price is also low and it is also durable and of better quality. With the help of manual machines that make such incense sticks, the production can also be improved with good quality.
Automatic means automatic machine: If you want to do big business of incense sticks, then automatic machine will be the right choice for you to get more production. This machine is perfect in a good pattern, design and sizes, which is available in the market according to your needs. The advantage of automatic machine is that from this machine 150 to 180 incense sticks can be produced in a minute. In this machine, straight, round and chocor type sticks can be used for incense sticks.
High Speed ​​Machine: In this type of machine you will need less staff. It is a fully automatic machine. By using this, more production can be achieved at minimum wage expense. Through this machine, 300 to 450 incense sticks can be produced in one minute. In this machine, the length of incense sticks can also be kept from 8 to 12 inches.
Agarbatti dryer machine

Agarbatti drier with different types of models is available in the market. You can dry 160 kg of incense sticks in 8 hours by applying this machine, which will increase the production in a short time. This machine can come up to about 25 thousand rupees. But if you are producing incense sticks domestically, then you can dry incense sticks by spreading them under the fan.

Agarbatti powder mixer machine

A mixture of both dry and wet powders can be prepared through this machine. This machine is provided in a variety of sizes and custom in its production capacity. The total cost of this machine can be around 32,000 rupees.

Agarbatti manufacturing packaging

Before purchasing any item, customers see its packing. If the packing of agarbatti is good, it will attract the customer to buy at first glance, so special attention should be paid to its packaging. After packing, you can market it in any store. Agarbatti packing is done either through machine or hand. After counting the agarbatti by hand in the domestic form, it is first filled in plastic pouches and then filled in colorful plastic or cardboard box with the company logo or name.

Its packing is done automatically through the machine, in which the process of filling in plastic pouches is done automatically, counting the incense sticks, otherwise a manual machine for counting the incense sticks also comes so that only the incense sticks are counted.