Most Profitable Business: Can provide tourism service to the people, earning lakhs per month, Learn in detail about this business

There are so many places for tourism in our country, that the economy of our country is dependent on very few tourism. Not only people from India go here to roam from one place to another, but millions of people from abroad also come here to roam here. In such a situation, you must have understood how much the travel agency’s business would have earned, and how much profit it would have earned from it. By starting this business in your own area, you can provide tourism services to the people. We are going to give information about how much profit people make to this business and how you can start it.

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What is a travel agency
When a person has to go from one place to another for tourism or to travel abroad, then they go to the most successful travel agency. But now you must be thinking what is a travel agency, then tell you that a travel agency is where people are provided services to travel in different tourist places, which can also be called tourism service.

What is a travel agency business

In a travel agency business, when you have to go somewhere for a tourist, you provide them a tourism service, and in return you charge them. It earns you millions.

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Travel Agency Business Demand

There is a huge industry of tour and travel in our country. Where millions of people work. And as our country is moving forward in the field of development, in the same way the tour and travel sector is also increasing. Millions of people go here and there every year. In such a situation, the demand of this business increases every year. And it is being said that the demand of travel agency will be very high in the coming time. The demand of this business increases very much during the summer and winter holidays when most people plan to go for a walk.

Scope of travel agency business in India
According to a data released by the United Nation, a report was released by the World Tourism Organization, according to which, at least 7 – 8% of all the people in India are employed in the tourism sector. Belongs to the doers. And it can increase even more in the coming time. It can increase up to about 8%. Because now the Modi government has made a plan to make it a hub in our country. Let us tell you that according to the contribution of GDP, out of total 184 countries, India ranks 12th in the tour and travel industry. Therefore, travel agency is a great scope for new entrepreneurs in business.

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How to start a travel agency
To start a travel agency business, you need to follow the following steps in a phased manner –

Managing finances in a travel agency business
To play your own travel agency, you must first arrange the money. You have to invest at least 10 lakh rupees in this business. In this, you can join hands with some other companies. To do this business you have to have an office where you can meet your customers. But the special thing about this business is that if you are thinking about starting this business from home then it can be done. In this, you will have to invest only 50 to 60 thousand rupees.

Travel agency franchise

Today there are many travel agency companies in India that also offer their own franchise, if you want the travel agency to start a business, then you can also get a franchise of a good company. This can be quite beneficial. Taking a franchise can be beneficial because the company name is already very famous in it. In such a situation, if you connect with it, then you will not need to do much marketing of it. With this, the growth of your business also increases.

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Work done by travel agency
If you want to become a successful travel agent, then you have to do the following –

Booking hotel for your customers.
Planning better methods of transportation travel etc.

Apart from this, more work is done about which you will have to do a little research. Which can help you in doing this business. If you want your travel agency business to grow well then for this you will need to make a business plan. For this, you have to see which people you have to target, how to connect with the hotels, how to tie up with different travel agents, so that there is no problem of transportation etc.

Profit from travel agency business
In the travel agency business, your income is good during summer and winter vacation. Because at that time many people go for a walk. If you start this business a few months before the coming winter holidays, then during that time you can earn millions of rupees from this business.

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Marketing of travel agency business
Actually, travel agency business is such a business about which people do not know if they will reach you. In this case, why not take out the biggest scheme, till you do not make people aware of your business, then you cannot earn any money. For this, it is important that you market your business. Make this information available to the people. For this, you can use news paper, social media and other similar means.

In this way you can earn a good amount by doing business of a travel agency. And because the demand of this business is high, there are more chances of it moving forward, it can be helpful to give you even more benefit going forward.


Q: Is a travel agency business a profitable business?

Ans: Yes, there is a lot of demand in the market.

Q: How can a travel agency do business?

Ans: By starting his own company or by taking franchise of a popular company.

Q: How can a travel agency start a business?

Ans: You can do this after getting the information by doing market research and tie up with other travel agency.

Q: How much does the travel agency business earn initially?

Ans: At least 1 lakh rupees per month.

Q: Which of the travel companies doing business in India are famous?

Ans: Travel, Make MyTrip, Thomas Cook, Kesari Tours, Club Mahindra Holiday, Expedia, Travelguru etc.