Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The founders of naagin4live follows a very strict Privacy policy. As one of the most reputed home remedy site, we want to tell you our privacy policy so you understand what type of information we collect and why this information is being collected.

Here are some essential points of our privacy policy

Types of information we collect
When any visitor browses the website, certain information is automatically collected, including:

IP Address
Device type
Operating system
Page a user visit
Time & date of visit
Spent time on a page
Why we need your information?
All the statistics provided by you may be used in one of the followings manners by me:

To estimate the number of visitors
To make my site more useful
To personalize visitor’s experience
To improve customer relation
To personalize the content on third-party sites
To meet legal requirements
Note: The information provided by you will not be sold, transferred to the third party without your permission.

How do we protect your information?
If you are visiting this site and submitting a request or just browsing the web pages, we give an assurance that your personal privacy and information is totally safe. This website is designed in a particular way that your personal information and privacy will be protected by all means.

We use advanced technologies to maintain the personal information and privacy of a user. The aim of this security system is to improve customer satisfaction and confidence while using this website.

We use cookies

To improve the quality we also used HTTP Cookies. This is a tiny piece of data that a server sends to a user’s web browser. Cookies are mainly used for, Personalization and analyzing the behavior of a user. We can also use advertisement parties (Google AdSense) to our website that may use HTTP cookie during the advertisement on this website.

Double click cookies

The purpose of double click cookie is to improve advertising experience. For this purpose small application used to target customers interests and indicate what is relevant to a customer. Another purpose of this system is not to show those adds that customer has already seen. At naagin4live these cookies may use to analyze customers interests to improve advertisement.

We don’t allow to be seen your information to outside parties
We don’t convey your privacy and information to third parties. Information provided by can be transfer to the reliable outside parties who help in business management. This is important to realize, it will only be done when outside parties say that they intended to be kept secret this information. Your privacy and information can be released in a suitable act in accordance with a command of the law.

Third Party links on this site

Sometimes, we provide a distinctive attribute for the visitors to visit other related informative websites by attending outbound links of external websites. We provide only quality links to authority websites but we have no command of the contents nature of those websites. These websites have their own privacy policies, term, and conditions. When any visitor visits these sites our privacy policy longer stand.

User can update their information

Naagin4Live allows their user to change or update the information provided by them during registration. Any user can change their personal information at any time. In case users face any problem during updating their information they can contact us.

We can change our privacy policy anytime
With the passage of time, we have an authority to change our privacy policy without any notice. In case we update our privacy policy, the changes will appear on this page only.

Note: By using the services of you must agree to term and conditions of our privacy policy. You should read our privacy policy regularly so you can understand our current approach.