Since the start of the crisis, my city and my neighborhood have been vibrating very differently. A complete void has settled there, furnished with a noisy silence that makes us understand that this war will be won thanks to our capacity for inaction. Quite a challenge for a proactive, even hyperactive civilization, which has always controlled its development in a quarter-turn.

Today, we must put on pause this daily sacrosanct, which until now was believed to be unshakeable. In the name of economic development, we have always refused ourselves this pause and this retreat imposed on us today by the endemic threat. Neither the ecological crisis, nor the ideological evils will have been enough to slow down this pace, the benefits of which were soon questioned. However, the pandemic has made a real thumbs up on what we called until very recently and quite candidly, the necessities.  

On a sunny Saturday, the streets of my neighborhood were taken by storm by these committed citizens, trying to break the imposed gloom. And in the momentum of my little running race, I had the pleasure of immersing myself in their immense solidarity.

These lone walkers who gracefully avoided each other for the common good seemed very close and united to me. Armed from a distance, they fought to save lives with disarming docility. There was nothing trivial about these avoided crossings. Very beautiful, they were the living witness of our ability to adapt, fight and get up. It was something like a magnificent ballet!