What is a good business relationship and why is it important to develop one?

This is not big news, the business world is all about relationships. There is no doubt that it is necessary to build good relations, from the first contact, and this with all the actors linked directly or indirectly with the activities of a company.

Why make a post on our website then?

As president of EPE Research, I discuss and meet a lot of companies in many fields. I was surprised, even shocked, at the behavior of certain employees or potential future employees due to the labor shortage. Among other things, the fact of accepting a job, never showing up on the due date, even without giving any news. We denounce this type of behavior and with good reason. However, we talk a lot less about the behaviors related to the relationships that a company develops, and this even if these are just as inappropriate.

We therefore offer you some important points to consider when creating and maintaining a business relationship.

Small note : Don’t get me wrong, EPE Research has very good relationships with its clients. It is for this reason that we are writing this post; to inspire other companies to have such relationships or to avoid certain pitfalls you did not know.


A service, an approach, a behavior, etc. you may not be interested or disagree with it. If the person you’re communicating with doesn’t know, they can’t adjust. So, in your response or comments, it is important to consider this aspect. A respectful exchange is always more effective.

It has not yet been proven that it is possible to read people’s minds. So, as important as it is to mention your disagreement, it is also important to be respectful.


Are you someone who doesn’t like to disappoint?

The proposal of your interlocutor interests you more or less, but you do not dare to say it? Maybe you even go so far as to mention your interest and tell yourself that you will just have to not give him a follow-up?

Mistake! While your response is likely to be well-intentioned, since the person speaking with you has taken the time and been honest (hopefully) with you, it’s important that you are too. Remember that what is said is also very important. For example, a person who expects to work and / or collaborate with you, may adjust their planning accordingly to ensure they are ready and able to give you quality service. If you’ve never intended to work with this person, the repercussions will not be trivial for their business. Of course, we are not talking about unforeseen events or setbacks here. Even then, it might be a good idea to contact the person to mention it.

Perhaps you are more of a direct nature and want your interlocutor to have the right facts from the start in order to avoid any misunderstanding?

This is good, but remember that there are many ways of saying things and seeing things. So make sure your contact understands your point, but isn’t uncomfortable with the way you communicate to them.


Do you have a lot of business experience and your contact is starting a business?
Are you a young person full of ideas and you are sure that you can revolutionize a business or a service that has changed little lately?

Maybe or maybe not!

Remember that you only have part of your contact information. Of course, it is quite normal to want to demonstrate what we can bring. However, don’t conclude too quickly that the person you’re chatting with hasn’t been on any other route than the ones you know.

So how can you demonstrate your added value or your reluctance to innovate? Simply by asking questions in order to get to know the person and the company!


In closing, we just want to mention that the business world is very small. If you don’t want to build a business relationship with someone or with a company, that’s obviously not a problem. However, it may very well be that one day that person will have to talk about you, simply via the question: do you know them ?

EPE Research then advises you to make sure that there is no bad opinion of you at this time!

The content of this text reflects the opinion of EPE Research. It will be our pleasure to read your comments and discuss with you, whether or not you share our opinion.